A legal advice is a matter of trust. Individual legal representation requires a high level of expertise, flexibility and commitment. But: Legal advice is always a matter of mutual trust. After all, legal issues often involve very private information. Often the clients are also in difficult personal situations in which a special empathy is important. It is critical that both the client and the legal advisor are able to understand each other; a legal advisor is a person who represents its clients in matters of a family, traffic, inheritance, labor, criminal, tenancy, real estate, and medical law.

So, what does a legal advisor do? A legal guardian will assist, advise and represent you in your affairs. What matters these are, clarifies the supervision court with you. The supervisor should only take on tasks that you can no longer do yourself. The court must inform itself precisely and only then decide which tasks the supervisor should take over. What you can and want to regulate, stays with you. The supervisor should always encourage you in your independence. You are at the center of attention when you are supported, advised or represented.

Additionally, one should know about such a term as “legal care.” So, what is a legal care? It is obvious that some people cannot handle their affairs on a permanent or temporary basis alone and need support. The reasons may be different and completely based on the personality. Legal – or: legal – care is a support for adults. Consider this specialist as your private assistant in terms of legal issues. The essence of care is that a person of full age is assigned a caregiver who supports, advises or represents them to a well-defined extent. It is a normal and common practice among the adults in the developed countries that the adults are legally served.

When looking for a legal guardian, you can make suggestions. The court has to check whether the proposed persons are suitable for a care. If you have a care directive, the court will try to fulfill your wishes. Caregivers may e.g. relatives, friends or partners, members of a carers’ association, self-employed professional advisors or employees of a care agency. In Germany, more than half of all caregivers are family members. For several years, the number of professional advisers has increased. Job counselors are often social workers, lawyers or otherwise trained.

It is worthy to note that the specialist who provides the clients with the legal support/advice should be constantly striving for perfection. Thus, the legal representatives should always raise own qualification, do some self-education, attend diverse conferences, etc.  The world is changing all the time, especially in the times of the technological progress. The time of digitalization also impacts different spheres of people’s lives and, as a result, the laws connected to these spheres. Therefore, a legal advisor should be aware of all these changes, as well as their effect on the clients’ lives and how these changes work with law. In such a way, everyone who praise their life quality and even safety should pay special attention to the choice of a legal representative as soon as possible!